Monday, May 07, 2007


Almost every comic fan in the world is paying attention to the spiderman 3 movie -now in theaters- because of the appearance of one of the fiercest foes ever: Venom.

However, and despite the fact that I haven't gone the cinema yet to watch the above-mentioned movie, I'm particularly more excited with the Fantastic Four's sequel. Why? First, if the Silver Surfer is in it, it should also imply that "Gah Lak Tus" is. And second, because of this new trailer.

I'm not going to argue why I prefer more FF over SP series of movies, at least for now, but in short, I'm not happy with the way Peter Parker's life is being presented/plotted. Maybe in a later post I could explain the reasons behind my sentiment, but for now, I'd only say the the part of the script that deals with PP should be improved.

Anyway, the new FF trailer rocks!

[Btw, an ironman movie is coming ...]


  1. Good trailer, and Looking forward to it!

    FF1 wasn't that well received was it?

    Not that it matters, because I really enjoyed it. I saw it long after any hype had died down, and was pleasantly surprised. The dysfunctional relationships between the characters was very entertaining. More character than a lot of superhero movies IMHO.

  2. "FF1 wasn't that well received was it?"

    You're right, it wasn't. However, being an "old" comic fan I can tell you that despite some details (both, minor and major ones), the plot was in general more true to the comics than any other "main" superheroe film.

    With Galactus Herald surfing the skies, the second one will rock!


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