Friday, January 05, 2007


If you were amazed by my previous post, just read on ...

Ian Moulster has posted in his newest blog entry that they " ... are giving away 1000 free copies of Windows Vista and Office 2007 to UK developers ...".

In order to be elegible to recieve one and or the other product, you will need to register on Friday 19th for the software giveaway (details to be announce later on Ian's site, I guess), and then answer one question related to the selected product's track and then, if you are on the first 1000 people that answer it right you get your free copy.

If you live outside the UK, just hold your horses and continue reading Ian's entry since there's a catch: " ... you need to have a UK address ..." in order to receive the product.

Isn't Life fair sometimes? I don't know about you, but I'm moving to the UK just right now ...

Well, maybe next time ... but I'd really loved not to be excluded a priori from this kind of giveaways sometime ... ;)


According to this CRN's article (among other posts you may find in the WWW), Microsoft and AMD have been giving away "... top-of-the-line Acer Ferrari laptops to select tech bloggers ...".

Incredible, isn't it? Just wait a second ...

Then the article adds: "... raising questions in the blogosphere over whether the companies are trying to unduly influence the writers ...".

Following the wave of raising questions in the blogosphere I find my-self in the need to ask: where is my free laptop? ... Ok, or at least a T-shirt? A cup? A discount coupon to buy food at any local supermarket?

Just tell me who I must contact to inform my address and zip-code details in order to receive the laptop a.s.a.p. ... ;)


What an excellent way to publish my first post of this new year 2007 by talking about this amazing game that is being created: "Infinity". The guys behind this new production have posted great videos and images that really do a great job of showing off what the game is about.

Also, the "Journal of Ysaneya" is very interesting to follow -for us, developers- since it comments on the status of the game, the coding challenges they face to fix bugs, improve the gameplay, implement new features, etc.

Pay a visit to Infity's site, read the journal and don't forget to download the combat prototype and join the battle between the read & blue teams.