Thursday, July 19, 2007


After many weeks of being unplugged I have "almost" returned to the XNA community. As you can imagine from my previous post, I have been very busy lately.

Having moved to my new home now -which has been and still is experiencing an extreme make over (I mean it, all over)- getting my new DSL connection from the local ISP (finally) and fighting with my main desktop computer -meaning, my 64bit processor has passed away, sigh!-, I have managed to get online once again and join you guys in the excitement of knowing in the following weeks who will be chosen for the final round to win the DBP contest.

By now, I'm using my wife's computer to check the news, so don't expect too many posts until I get a new processor.

Anyway, so much to read, new content, v2 coming out these holidays, so let's start.

BTW, thanks to all of you who congratulated me for getting married either by posting a comment on this blog a/o sending me a private message to my email address ... ;)

Now, back to my ultracave ... Pete's out ...