Thursday, June 11, 2009


Excellent news! XNA Game Studio 3.1 is almost here! ... "almost" = the download link will be available any time soon :)

A few things to note regarding the release:

  • In order to test 3.1 games on the XBox360, the XNA GS Connect must be updated, as explained by Michael Klucher,
  • 3.1-based Games cannot be submitted for playtesting a/o peer review until 23rd, July,
  • And from that date on, 3.1-based games won't reach the market until the Marketplace gets updated, and
  • You can convert 3.0 projects to 3.1, following this walkthrough.

But this ain't all ... XBox Live Community Games is in the process of being renamed to XBox Live "Indie" Games!!! This is an additional nice surprise.

But wait! There is more ... during the week of the E3, the XNA Team announced that a new feature is comming to the Marketplace: User Ratings!

Wow! Interesting times will come for us XNA'ers, don't you think? Great news, indeed.


> Link to Spanish version.