Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The latest Creators Club Comuniqué is out, and with it there's a link to a fantastic Windows Vista Desktop Gadget that ...

"... shows games as they become available on the Xbox LIVE Community Games Channel on Xbox LIVE Marketplace ...".

After you download the gadget, it will list the five latest games that have recently hit the XBLCG channel marketplace:

But wait! There's more ... as soon as you hover your mouse on top of any of the games listed, a pop-up window appears showing more detailed info about the game, like: creator, genre and a brief textual description.

What if you want to find more about any of the games listed? Well, you just click on the name of the game and a new page is opened in your web browser with all the information available for that particular game on the XBox LIVE marketplace!

The gadget allows you to configure the feed, by either market or creator, as well as to set its refresh rate in minutes.

With this great desktop gadget now you can get up-to-date information of all the recent content changes on the XBLCG channel, effortlessly!


> Link to Spanish version.