Saturday, March 03, 2007


And no, I'm not referring to a 3D representation of the Marvel's hero.

I mean this upcoming XNA-based framework. Today, Zyggy has informed us that the first open beta is now available for testing.

Check out this screenshot:

Worth testing, imho ...

[Note: in order to receive the beta you must register here.]


Ziggy has published a tutorial (sample included) that shows how to combine the XNA Framework with WinForm's elements.

From Ziggy's post: "In this example I have created a simple application that creates an XNA Device object and renders a triangle on the screen. This sample supports screen resizing and uses a scroll bar to rotate the triangle around in a circle."

Nice one!

[For those that want to dig into this subject, don't forget to check this post by Shawn Hargreaves on the matter].


We have a new member that a couple of days ago decided to join the ring of XNA bloggers: "".

Eric has kicked off with a couple of posts with source code:

C'mon, let's all say hello to Eric and welcome!


Shawn Hargreaves has published a nice post about the importance of transitions.

From Shawn's post: "... While I was writing the menu system, the lead artist, a grizzled young man named Johnny Christmas, gave me a piece of advice I never forgot. "Listen here, young lad", quoth he: "the secret to making a game feel polished and professional lies in the transitions ...".

Stay tune to Shawn's blog for upcoming articles on the matter.

Now, that's it! It's late and I'm tired soooo ... hoooawmmn ... I need to sle .. ep, can .. nnot ... re..each .... my ed ... zzz ... zzz ... zzz ...


New update available for the "RPG Zero" series.

Man, the eyecandy included in this game -which is under development- is quite amazing.

You can read what's going on with this project here (as well as watch a demo video of the cave).

Cannot wait for a demo build!