Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Benny's back! Yeap, it's true ... he has given his blog a new look plus he plans to post more often.

From his blog: "Well, I was posting less and less on this blog and this gonna change now. From now on I will try to post often, maybe even daily. The blog posts will not be as long as before, I will just talk about what's on my mind each day. Initially this blog was started as a little diary for me and I will return to that initial idea."

In addition to his projects, Benjamin plans to comment on FxCop stuff, CgFX, using Collada in XNA, and so on.

Welcome back!


On previous posts I commented that GLH had published some handy source code and tips for data-driven games, in particular, RPG ones.

Well, GLH is back with an awesome demo video of a starting RPG project:

From GLH's site: "When I started writing about game programming here last month, I really did want to practice a little altruism and share some stuff with the community. I'm afraid the vanity levels on this project however, make it wholly unsuitable to share as good practice. The sheer self indulgence in the code should warn people away. I really can't in good conscience recommend anyone learn anything from this... the scripting language is an own rolled, interpreted, prefix notated, reflection driven nightmare for pete's sake!

I would like to share though. So if anyone is interested in watching, I'll post the goings on in my RPG land."

So, what do you think? Should we be interested?

C'mon! Pay a visit to this site and let GLH know that you are interested ... I did ... ;)


A new framework built on top of XNA has arrived: 'Game Maker Studio .NET'.

You can check the author's blog, visit the forums, view some screenshots, browse the Wiki and of course, download the latest version of the framework.

From GMS .NET's site: "Through working with RMXP building scripts and seeing the limits of the engine I left RMXP to build a new editor and engine. I had an idea for a good system for building 2d games or at least 2d RPG games. So I asked around and found people willing to help with the project. But sadly they have all left one way or another. That forced me to rethink the development since I was depending on some of these people for different parts of development. I changed the direction of the project and went away from ruby as my programming language and away from developing an in-house graphics package and maybe from a graphics package all together. When this process was working itself out I found the XNA framework the brain child from MS for a simple and easy way to develop games. Well in truth it does make life a lot simpler in terms of lower level control but lacks a great deal of higher level control and content control. The idea struck. Build an editor to layer over the XNA framework. But the hard part was how to do it away that lets the user and community develop the product’s future. So I designed a shell in which new elements can be added to a project and thus changing the editor the engines and the game. Thus through community development this product can be changed to model the needs of the community. It was at this point that Game Maker Studio .Net was born and The Game Wizard died."


Remember this awesome game?

Well, the author's has announced that beta 1 is planned for next March, so stay tunned to his site.


At last! The new name for XNA Magic framework has been announced: Blade3D.

So don't forget to update your favorites with the new link.

Congrats to the winner!


Hi, everybody! After a couple of days off I'm back on track with my "coding stamina" up high again ... :)

Checking Ziggyware's rss feed I've found plenty of news posted this last "long" weekend.

Also, pay a visit to Ziggy's Weblinks -which are grouped by categories- where you'll find lots of links to interesting sites related to XNA.

Later ...