Monday, March 05, 2007


Ok, first rule: don't panic!

As correctly informed by Lori Ada Kilty (after I asked for help through the XNA Creators Feedback), there is no need to be logged in to get to any content.

So, if you happen to find that when you try to download, say, the "Simple Animation Sample" zip from the site, a page pops up asking you to create a GamerTag and then re-log in, just pay no attention.

Instead, clean you browser's cache, and re-try the download request; you will see that it just works great ...

Of course, if your country is listed on the registration page, don't be a lazybones and create a GamerTag.

'till next time ...


Have you read my previous post? If you did, my apologies. If not, don't!

I should have checked any news on my RSS-feeds subscriptions earlier ... that's why the name of this site: "Do as I say, not as I do ..." (I'm not going to delete it to live in the shadows of shame as ways of auto-punishment; now where is my "dumb" cone-hat?).

Anyway ...

The XNA Team has informed in its latest blog's post three relevant things:

  1. XNA Creators Club Online community site is open for business,
  2. Dream-Build-Play's "main" competition has gone live, and
  3. New partnerships and exclusive benefits for XNA Creators Club Premium members.

The community site is a great place to start with XNA since it offers a growing set of educational tutos, starter kits, samples and so on.

D.B.P.'s main competition is the dream came true for any indie developer that was/is willing to make it into the pro leagues: "The Perfect Compo".

Last but not least, the new benefits that "premium" members will enjoy are great: SOFTIMAGE/XSI Mod Tool, TorqueX Engine, Allegorithmic ProFX, among others.

So, go ahead and read this post, for the complete information.

Happy coding! ;)


Well yes, I couldn't find any official word and link (yet) detailing the prizes for the main DBP compo (other than what has been published in the OXM), but has posted the following:

"Dream-Build-Play’s main competition has gone live. Fame, fortune and a chance at global envy await you in our Dream-Build-Play competition. The grand prize is a $10,000, an awesome Alienware PC with a smokin’ fast AMD FX processor and ATI graphics card, 3D modeling software, Xbox 360, XNA Creators Club subscription tokens and an amazingly cool Xbox Live Arcade publishing contract for your chance to get your game published on Xbox Live Arcade. Do you have what it takes to win all that and more? Then get started on making your dream game using XNA Game Studio Express and head on over to to enter it into the contest."

Quite interesting ... now we only have to wait for someone in the XNA Team to confirm whether "the cat is out of the bag" or not.

In the meantime, hands on our respective XNA projects!


According to this thread on the XNA GSE forum, this month's issue of the "Official XBOX Magazine" includes "write-ups" (with screenshots) of the following games: "iFactor", "Eternity's Child", "Racing Game", "Wildboarders", and "Last Alarm : The A.R.G.U.S Complex".

What is more, the issue give further detail about the next phase of the D.B.P. contest, like a list with the prizes!

For those of us not subscribed to this magazine (for whatever reason), there's a comment left by David Weller on the above-mentioned thread that will make us stay tuned for news: "Ask me again on Monday ...".

Ok, Monday ... now let's stay tuned for news!