Friday, June 05, 2009


You may already know this by now, but results are in for Ziggyware's "Spring 2009 XNA Article Contest":

Congratulations for the winners!

Ok, those are the results but why there's a "donations" word in the title of this post? Well ... Ziggyware needs you!

Once in a while, our friend Ziggy call for donations to support his site. In Ziggy's words:

It has been two years since I have had a donation drive to support Ziggyware. I would like to thank all who have donated in the past, helping to keep Ziggyware alive and well. I am currently looking into expanding the site's features and support future XNA contests with great prizes.

Question: how can we donate? Ziggy?

You can donate via Paypal as well as by purchasing by clicking an Amazon product link on this site and then purchasing the product you desire.

So c'mon! Do your good action for the day, be an outstanding XNA'er and support this great XNA Community site!

Watch this space,

> Link to Spanish version.