Sunday, February 19, 2012


Last month, a new book about XNA 4 hit the shelves worldwide:

XNA 4.0 Game Development Example - Visual Basic Edition

His author, Kurt Jaegers, is the creator of a well known site that covers lots of XNA material: XnaResources.

The book is based on its C# sibling –from same author, and I personally deem it as a great introduction to XNA 4.0 for devs that use Visual Basic as their primary language.

Targeting beginners, the author introduces useful concepts and techniques applicable to both, game development per se and XNA 4.0, through four games:

  • A puzzler,
  • A space shooter,
  • A multi-axis shoot 'em up, and
  • A jump-and-run platformer.

All code presented in the book is fully explained by the Author on a clear and simple way, what makes each chapter easy to follow.

So if you are a Visual Basic geek that want to enter the word of XNA, then this is your chance to take your first steps!

You can buy a print and or digital copy of the book either from Pack Publishing or Amazon.

If you are intertested in getting a free digital copy of it –provided by Packt Publishing, then write a comment on this page stating why you deserve the copy and the person that gives imo the best comment gets it!

My two cents …

> Link to Spanish version.