Friday, November 10, 2006


The guys from 360 Homebrew have posted some interesting information regarding the versions, price and release date for TorqueX.
  • TorqueX Engine Binary: free (for direct coding through .NET).
  • TorqueX Pro: USD 150,oo (will include source code).
Ok. That is cool for developers -like me- that love coding with C#. Now, what if you desperately need a level editor right now? Well, fear not. You will be able to use Torque Game Builder tool with TorqueX upon release of the latter.

When it is going to be released? Good you asked. According to what has been posted TorqueX will be released the same day XNA GSE is officially released.

So go ahead and check the demo of TGB.

Ahh! And don't forget the "XNA Homebrew Development Contest", where you may win some prizes from GarageGames, like TorqueX Pro and TGB -if you win the compo.

Hurry up!