Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'M BACK ...

Yes, it's true. Please don't cry: you knew I would continue to terrify you with my "regular" posts ... :)

My short holidays are now gone, so back to work, filtering email messages, daily worries, and, ... well, you all know ... :(

Anyway, it was good while it lasted ... ;)

What has been going on in the XNA world? A LOT! At least, according to XNAtutorial's Weekly Update: new sites, new source codes and new tutorials. The list is impressive.

In other news: Shawn Hargreaves' has yesterday announced that a new blog from another XNA-Team member has kicked off, Dean (Johnson)'s XNA Blog, with an opening article that discusses the math to rotate 3D objects (a great way to start, IMHO).

Also, I must tell you that the week before I started my holidays I was checking a couple of sites with tutorials worth following:
Remember one of my last yearend's posts "XNA: COUPLE OF NEW FRAMEWORKS"? Well, people in the XNA Community is now becoming aware and or starting to pay more attention to 'XNA Magic'. Told ya, the demo videos catch one's attention, indeed.

Any news regarding the "Dream, Build, Play" contest? I have checked the site but there's no additional info yet about the exact starting date of the contest, deadlines, prizes, rules, etc.

Well, that's pretty much it, don't you think? A lot to check & read, so I better start a.s.a.p.

'till next time!

[BTW, thanks Lawrence (a.k.a. 'Sharky') for your support to my blog ... ;) ]