Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As you may know, the set of Windows Phone 7 devices has been recently presented to the world during an event in NY city.

Now, the first official video advertisement –entitled “Really?"- is out:


> Link to Spanish version.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I briefly mentioned in one of my previous posts, for a period of time (close to 2 years, now) I have been developing my own API to manage content as a replacement for the one delivered as part of the XNA Framework.

Why? At first I was trying to circumvent the limitations of the latter related to its inability to properly handle the Dispose operation. And while doing so, I realized -when I checked the source code of the original with “Reflector”- that there was room for improvements (with a redesign).

After almost two years of development as part of my own XNA-based videogame engine (being the latter still in endless development), I decided to redesign my content manager as an independent module so that it can be used with XNA without the need to plug my engine (neither in whole nor in part).

I will not release the source code of my API, so in the next installments in this series of articles I will be discussing publicly what my API has to offer, so that anyone can read it, focusing on The-What rather than on The-How; thus, I will be mainly presenting features and results (I do indeed know, yes, “what a bummer!”).

So, what’s coming next? On part 1 (and most likely part 2 also) I will be introducing my API, explaining differences with the built-in one, and after that I will start to talk about obtained results (yes! With numbers, screenshots and such) for the different platforms I tested.

‘till next time,

> Link to Spanish version.