Thursday, November 20, 2008


My PC game "The Riegel Battle" (created with XNA GS) has been today awarded first prize in the category "Best 3D Videogame Promise" during the third annual domestic videogame contest in Uruguay.

Even though it wasn't awarded first prize for the whole compo, as a local supporter of XNA, it was a great honor for me to be among the winners.

Along with the organizers, the contest was sponsored by the US Embassy in Uruguay, so ambassador F. Baxter was present today in the closing ceremony to congratulate the winners.

Chaim Gingold (one of the designers of the game Spore) was one of the judges, and it was also present today in the above-mentioned ceremony, not only as a judge but to speak about the design concepts behind Spore's character editor (a great talk, btw).

Here's a video of my entry:

As soon as I get the links to the official pictures of today's ceremony I'll publish them here.