Sunday, July 03, 2011


Last month Montevideo held a new edition of Microsoft’s one-day-all-day event in Uruguay, named “Run Web Camp Uruguay”.

During the event there were many sessions of talks divided as usual in two main categories: For IT Pros and For Developers.

From dev topics like WP7, Silverlight, HTML5, and ASP.NET MVC to IT ones like System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and Virtual Machine Manager 2012, the event covered tech that is available today and what we can expect in the near future.

At the end of the day, there were some round tables named “Ask to Experts” where you could go, grab a beer, and chat with experts in each field.

This year MSFT invited me to be part of the round table about WP7 as the expert in XNA along with an expert in Silverlight. I must say it was a really cool experience!

Kinect was also present. During the breaks, attendees could and did play with it. It was fun to see the ones that had their first contact with the device as they attempted to do some weird movements to control stuff. Of course the learning curve is low so they got accustomed in a heart bit.

To wrap it up, Run Web Camp Uruguay was really enjoyable and quite a success.

For more info and to watch videos of some talks, please go to this page:

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> Link to Spanish version.