Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ok, guys. Ziggy's raising the bar of prizes.

The new "Ziggyware Fall 2008 XNA Article Contest" gives away an XBox 360 Elite for the first price!!! And, as it also comes with a one-year suscription to the XNA Creators Club, the winner will have no excuses to produce a game with XNA GS for the 360 platform.

Simply put: Amazing!

Now, what do you have to submit? As usual, write and submit an XNA related tutorial for XNA developers. No ideas? Don't worry. There's plenty of examples to read on.

So, go ahead: read the rules, make your questions on the forums, put together your ideas, write them down, submit your article and that's it! You could become an "Elite" member of the 360 community at the end of the contest.

Happy writing!