Saturday, March 10, 2007


The latest build of this impressive framework is now available for registered beta-1 testers.

From Blade3D's forums: "We are happy to announce the availability of the latest build of Blade3D.

Here is a list of features and improvements for this weeks release. 

  • Entirely new multimedia help system with embedded video tutorials
  • Integrated web based asset delivery mechanism for textures, models and modules
  • Over 400 free textures and more than 70 models ready for delivery
  • New menu commands for quick model import, selection and scene insertion
  • Improved, more intuitive translation tool
  • Ability to define custom bone controllers for animated models
  • New animation graphs provide basis for total animation control in future
  • Ability to import/export any part of the module to shareable packages
  • Many bugs fixed

Registered Beta 1 users should go here to download the latest build


So, ... enjoy!