Monday, December 10, 2007


With version 2.6 of ProFX comes along the respective version of MaPZone editor. For those of you who never heard about these two:
  • MaPZone is an quite handy editor that builds procedural textures, and
  • ProFX is a middleware solution that helps handling those procedural textures.

V2.6 of the editor isn't yet available for download but you can get it via 3DWorld magazine.

Now, what about ProFX? If you're using XNA you may have read this announcement: "ProFX to be part of Microsoft's XNA Tool Suite (2007, March 26)" and perhaps got excited. If so, hold your horses. No news, ETA, beta or even alpha whatsoever, just this thread.

Procedural texturing brings a lot of advantages over traditional texturing techniques. To mention a few:

  • you save deployment space, and depending on how and when you generate the final textures, disk space,
  • like in procedural shaders, the textures are generated at any given resolution, and
  • 4D textures (real-time recomputing of textures).

Thus, let's hope the guys from Allegorithmic and the XNA Team meet this week in Seattle to make the above-mentioned announcement become a soon reality.

Fingers crossed!