Monday, April 13, 2009


CUMUY, which stands for "Comunidad de Usuarios de Tecnología Microsoft del Uruguay", is a very well-known organization (in Uruguay) supported mainly by MSFT users passionate for spreading the word about the benefits of using Microsoft's technologies.

Although MSFT has no official participation in the organization, it allows us to use its local facilities to carry out a series of monthly presentations covering different technologies and areas.

This month, on April 22nd at 06:30pm (to be exact) it's the turn for the following three great presentations:

  • What's new in Visual Studio 2010,
  • What's new in Silverlight 3, and
  • An Introduction to XNA GS.

The talks will be presented in order by:

  • Fernando Machado: MVP for C#,
  • Ignacio Cativelli: MSFTie, and
  • Pedro Güida: MVP for DirectX/XNA (yeap! me).

The talk about XNA GS will not cover coding at all. Instead, it will present to all attendees the XNA GS architecture, the benefits of using it, available target platforms, current business models, some relevant references on the web and show off some cool and awesome XBox 360 games now available on both, the XBLCG and the XBLA channels.

The coding part will be introduced on a second talk on late June. So, basically this time I will comment on what's available now and about what's coming next on version 3.1 (complying with the NDA, of course).

Thus, if you happen to be near Montevideo at that time and want to attend the talks, just register here (event id: 1032413561).

See you there,

> Link to Spanish version.