Monday, January 07, 2008


Someone pinch me please since I must be dreaming ... I made it into the finals !!!

I would like to thank all the readers that supported my article "XNA & Beyond: The Path To VS 2008". I really appreciate your comments, your messages and your votes.

Also, thanks a lot to the judges for picking my article and of course, The Code Project team. I cannot express in words how happy I am, but trust me when I say this emotion is huge.

And what can I comment about Visual Studio 2008? Best of the best ... it rules!

Finally, I would like to thank the XNA Team for giving us this incredible framework that is getting better and better as we speak: XNA Game Studio.

Well, I don't know whether I'll get beyond this nomination to the finals, but having reached this far gives me renewed energy to keep on writing articles.

Happy new year 2008 everybody!!! This is a great way for me to start the year :)