Friday, July 24, 2009


Wow! When I woke up this morning and turned on my desktop computer I found quite pleasant news on the creators’ site: it has been revamped!

The homepage has gone through some changes in its look: the news, the ads, the general info have been all rearranged in a more attractive way! Just check it out.

Plus, there’s some new panels like “Top Movers” … wait! What’s a “top mover? From now on, all you do in XNA CCO will give you reputation, either in a positive or negative way:

  • Good contribution: clink! Your reputation moves up. Congrats!
  • Bad contribution: bam! Behave …

Please read this article to get detailed info on how reputation works.

But wait! There’s more:

  • New Countries: Japan an Germany (and also updates to Singapore and Sweden),
  • Tokens: you are a premium member of XNA CCO, you create and submit your games, you receive 50 tokens per game title! Be smart: use them to “increase awareness of your game”,
  • Game Updates: when you submit and publish a new version of your game to the XBox 360, a notice will pop up for existing customers asking if they want to download the newest version,
  • 3.1 Submission: you can now submit games created with XNA GS 3.1, but you will see them on the 360's marketplace (after passing peer review) from August 11, 2009 and on,
  • New Price Structure: 80, 240 and 400 points! Read carefully how this new structure will affect games already available in the marketplace, and
  • XBox Live Indie Games: yes, finally! The new name for our videogames is starting to show up almost everywhere. The name change will be completed later this summer.

Nice one, guys!

> Link to Spanish version.