Thursday, April 12, 2007


Shawn has published the second part of the series on XNA and lighting, which focus this time on "specularity": what it is, and how to tweak it by using "BasicEffect".

From Shawn's post: "... Specular light can be harder to understand. When viewed in isolation, its contribution seems incredibly minimal ... But in combination with the diffuse light, specular is a critical part of making a model look good. Set it too low, and your objects will appear flat and uninteresting. Too high, and everything will look like plastic: waxy and unnatural ...".

Read on!


Lawrence has published some new screenshots of the new features he has been working on for his game: "Sharky's Air Legends".

For those of you who still don't know or never heard about this game, let me tell you that it's a legend it-self, since it's one of the first XNA games that came out -if not the first- all done by a XNA user.

What is more, if you do some search on YouTube for any initial videos promoting XNA, you will surely find a sequence of Air Legends' planes flying around nicely.

From Sharky's post: "... I’m wondering if I should just release it now anyway, and follow up with an XNA release when it comes out. I’m open to persuasion ..."

Want to get your hands on the latest build? Then just go and try to persuade him ...

By the way Lawrence, nice to hear from you, man!


... to post mini-tutos and code snippets, all related to XNA, of course, since he has been working hard to implement an octree functionality, multiple viewports, input management, etc.

From Rhysyngsun's post: "... I have a few more ideas for mini-tutorials that I may post here. Some are just quick code snippets, but others are a bit more detailed. Leave some comments to encourage me ...".

So c'mon, want to get some tutos? Then give the guy the encouraging comments he is asking for ...


"Joystiq" has published and interwiev to Major Nelson, who talks about Guitar Hero downloads Halo 3 and other stuff.

From the post: "... We had an opportunity to chat with Microsoft mascot-in-training Major Nelson, early yesterday morning as the internet began its incredible, violent reaction against the pricing of the Guitar Hero downloadable tracks on Xbox 360. Major Nelson listened to a few sample comments from Joystiq readers, and he had a lot to say. (He also gives imaginary "bonus points" to the "Horse Armor song" commenter.) ...".

I like this part: "... We've talked Sony, we've talked Microsoft. You own a Wii yet?

MN: Yeah, I have a Wii. I got a Wii probably about two, three months ago ..."

There's nothing wrong with the answer, but ... busted!!! ;)