Saturday, April 14, 2007


Rhysyngsun has published a new tutorial explaining hot to build an XNA-based octree system.

From the post: "... First of all, what exactly is an octree? An octree is a spatial partitioning system that divides a cube recursively into eight equally sized cubes until each cube contains a specified number of polygons or objects. This tree can then be used to quickly determine visibility or to quickly rule out objects for physics purposes. For the purposes of XNA, I've designed my system to be used on a per-object basis ...".

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John Sedlak has published a couple of videos showing the progress of his DTD clone:



Francesco Forno has posted a sample solution showing how to handle GUI elements.

From Francesco's post: "... The sample at last! I managed to put together a small sample solution which shows how to use the GUIManager library. All required DLLs are included in the sample, but it's unlikely that I'll keep it updated, so always refer to the main download link (GUIManager, on your left) to get the latest library version ...".


FRIDAY, 13TH ...

... sorry guys for any delays in the news but I experienced some problems with my desktop that forced me to re-install everything ... before upgrading to WinXP Pro x64 I used an application called Restore-It!, but unfortunately it does not support this 64-bit OS, so I need to find an alternative -and more handy than "ntbackup.exe"- solution a.s.a.p. before a similar situation happens again.

Well, anyway, everything is getting back to normal now ... although I still have plenty of installations to do ...

I better start now, so see you all later!