Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lately, there’s been some buzz regarding the near future of MSFT’s main gaming console.

Words like “XBox 720”, “X-Engine” and “Project Phoenix” have been used. But what do they mean, exactly?

According to this article, “Project Phoenix” is the name internally given by MSFT for what some people outside the Company have called “XBox 720”.

Now, a more recent article states that the new console would hit the markets on 2012, with a new gfx card from ATI so as to maintain backward compatibility as well as boost performance.

Regarding the latter (performance), a new “X” engine would have been recently released, not only including a new set of tools but also “a whole new way to develop for the system” -as this third article says).

I don’t know whether all these “news” are true or not, but it’s an interesting read, though.

Plus, imvho, there’s a lot of “360” yet to enjoy, specially when Project Natal gets out; don’t you think?

Stay tuned,


> Link to Spanish version.