Thursday, January 18, 2007


The Game Career Guide has published an article about XNA which briefly explains what is all about with XNA.

Also, the article mentions some of the sites of the XNA community as well as includes interviews to Julien Ellie (Software Design Engineer - XNA Team), Joe Nalewabau (Project Manager Architect - XNA Team), Benjamin Nitschke (creator of 'Rocket Commander' and 'XNA Racer') and Alex Okafor (developer of 'WildBoarders', "a physics based 2D snowboarding game that recently won the first XNA development competition at").

Worth reading ...


Sharky has published "XNA Collision Detection for 3D models - Part 1". The first article of a two part series where he tells from a "code warrior" experience the path he has being following so as to implement a precise yet robust collision detection system in his game: Air Legends.

This is an interesting read since it's a common problem developers face when dealing with collision as rotating AABB -in case you decide to go this way- could bring performance issues, possibly leading in the end to the use of other techniques like bounding spheres (i.e.: read the comments on this post).

I cannot wait for a new release of Air Legends (and the radar), one of the first games that were and are still in development using XNA ... and of course, fun to play too ... ;)

ARTICLE: "GATES TAKES ON SONY AND NINTENDO" has published an article that summarizes Bill Gates' comments -interviewed by Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News, regarding how good the different strategies of the major console makers are doing so far, in his opinion of course.

As an indie, and from now on I will only refer to the 'game development' side of the story, I agree that the XBOX360 will do great since MS has decided to make the "development transition" easy for us: XNA.

I mean, the easier they make it for developers, the more developer's attention -and projects- they'll get, and ultimately, the more games will be created and released for their console.

If -in addition- "easy" includes "cheapper", the better.

Please do not misunderstand me, I'm not saying with this that console makers should make less restrictive the quality assurance policies and controls for commercial games. All I am saying is don't forget "indies", thus, help us produce for your consoles by providing better and affordable tools and frameworks, reducing the cost of game development (including time and effort as a "cost").

XNA GSE goes in that way, the right way imho ... ;)