Saturday, October 24, 2009


As of today and on, the only prices available for XBox Live Indie Games will be 80, 240 and 400 points (that is in American dollars: one, three and five, respectively).

As a result of this mandatory switch, all games that were offered for 200 points are now selling at the bargain price of 80 points … 1 dollar!

On Gamerbytes, you can find info about some of the games selling at $1 and or you can also visit XBLA & XBLIG Ratings for a complete list of the games being offered for this price.

Time to get lots of bargains!!!



> Link to Spanish version.

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  1. Ha , nice to know about this blog ...

    I started learning XNA and C# in the last few days (by myself)

    C# ya


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