Monday, April 09, 2007


For those of us who sometime happened the get or still get in touch with 3D animation (or photography, or cinematography, ...), hearing "Three-Point Lighting" technique should ring a bell.

It does, doesn't it? But, have you ever wonder why you had to use this visual technique? If you don't know the answer yet and still wonder why, just browse to Shawn's blog to find out.

From Shawn's post: "... Pretty much every movie ever made and every fashion shot ever photographed have depended on this lighting rig. There are many variations:

  • To increase the perception of shape without needing too much contrast between light and shadow, tint the key light yellow and the others blue.
  • For a moody drama, make the key light much brighter than the fill.
  • For a cheerful sit-com, make all three lights equally bright.
  • For a scary effect, position the key light low to the ground.
  • For a mysterious or fantastic effect, make the back light unusually bright so the character seems to glow around the edges.

But the underlying principle is always the same. Things simply look better when lit this way ...".

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