Monday, August 13, 2007


The one we all were probably waiting for ... and is comming along nicely!

Some features we will find:

  • Reliable UDP, ordering, etc.
    Packages can be sent to a specific player and to all players on the session.
    360 players can join Windows sessions and viceversa.
    Player-to-player voice.
    "Lobby" management so as to sync games (isReady and isEveryoneReady properties).
    and much more.

Some we don't by now: Game invites, Leaderboards, etc.

Some we probably won't (or at least in the middle run):

  • Ranked matchmaking.
  • Achievements.
  • Raw sockets.

A couple of great questions:

  • ¿Dead Reckoning? Nope. This version will provide basic functionality, so you should build upon it by yourself.
  • ¿Beta Public Release? Maybe in a couple of months (more good news!).
  • Didn't get the answer about the kind of suscription to play networked games (silver or gold), maybe gold? Sorry about htis one.

Btw, if after building the game you try to host/join a session but get an unhandled exception, just recompile your code and try again ... :)

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