Thursday, April 26, 2007


Andy ("TheZMan") has written a good review of Benjamin Nitschke's book "Professional XNA Game Programming".

From Andy's post: "... The postman left a nice gift for me this morning, a copy of Ben's book. I've had a grand total of about 30 minutes to look at it so don't consider this a full review.... Firstly you can get the code for the book included versions of XNA Racer and XNA Shooter from the Wrox website. The XNA Racer and XNA Shooter sites are not up yet but Rocket Commander has been up for quite a while. I have no idea if the Racer game is identical to what was supposed to show up on the creators club site or a different version, but looks like the book version is available first ...".

Although, Benny didn't include in the book's readme file some of the XNA-news blogs that have been working hard to keep you up-to-date in the XNA world ... snif! snif! ... :( ... I still believe this is a great book, so go and buy it ... ;)

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  1. Yesterday I received updated code from Ben for Professional XNA Game Programming, and it is now live on the book’s page at This new code replaces all of the code previously available on the book’s download site, so all readers should update as soon as possible.

    The update includes bug fixes, all samples now compile on both XNA Versions and on Windows (XP and Vista) and Xbox 360. In addition, Ben also included new support for some older ATI video cards because he’s cool like that.

    Thanks to everyone for the great reviews and comments about the book, which continues to be a best seller at If you have not had a chance to post your review at Amazon, we hope you will, and appreciate your support.

    Its great to see all the conversation about the book over at the Microsoft XNA forums. I want to encourage everyone to post book-specific questions at the P2P forum at as well so we can be sure to respond to everyone’s queries and suggestions.

    I would also love to see reader’s creations, hacks and mods they created using the book. Feel free to post links to your games at the book’s forum at

    Chris Webb
    Executive Editor



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