Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ok, so you downloaded the refresh update for XNA GSE v1.0, read the readme page and updated the framework on your system, but have you happened to check the new content available at

I knew it! Don't be a lazybones, pay a visit to the XNA Creators Club Online site and:

  • Download the new starter kit: finally! The long-awaited "Racing Game" (formerly called "XNA Racer"),
  • Download the new samples: 3D audio, bloom, 2D particles, and many more.
  • Read the new articles: data structure and the shader series,
  • Watch the new video tutorials: advance audio series, and,
  • Download the new utilities: the "Bitmap Font Maker" utility and controller graphics.


[Are you an "XNA'ER"? Sounds cool, doesn't it?]

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