Thursday, October 02, 2008


Hey folks!

Since the moment the CTP was out I spent some time to update all the samples available on the creators site to that early version of XNA 3.0, for my-own use.

Then, when the beta was published, and taking into account that maybe we will see no big changes to it until the final release, I decided to recreate them -complying with the license terms and conditions- so that I can publish them on the Web for those who eventually need them.

One important note: these files are NOT official so use them at your own risk!!! Otherwise, you can wait till 3.0 final gets released and thus, for the official education files.

The only changes in the code that you will see are those related to the 2D projects that used the WrapAngle method (created in the same class that used it). Instead, MathHelper.WrapAngle(...) is now in place. And ... yes! I almost forgot: each zip file contains a Windows-only project.

Well, here they go (hold on to something):

First Wave:

Second Wave:

Yes! Third Wave:
I think ... This Is The Fourth Wave (?)
Ok. Who Am I? And Why Am I Typing This?
No, Seriously ... (Why The Heck Am I Doing This?)
Phewww! At last, I finished ... man, I stopped counting after the first 20 links.

Well, I'm done, so in case you're using XNA 3.0 beta, I hope you find them useful.



  1. int goodstuff = 5;

  2. hello, a XNA newbie here, that tutorial on the blog site to convert doesn't work. Did you do something special to convert it to 2.0 to 3.0?

    also, could you upload these on a different host, rapid share is hard to download from because you need a membership and every download has a 15minute wait period. I dunno it'll be more helpful if ya could do that.

  3. "that tutorial on the blog site ..."

    Before posting them I checked that each and all of them worked ok, so which sample are you referring to, exactly?

    "also, could you upload these on a different host ..."

    I'll see what I can do when I got back from my vacation. :)

  4. cool good thanx man stay alive and make more see ya


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