Monday, March 05, 2007


Have you read my previous post? If you did, my apologies. If not, don't!

I should have checked any news on my RSS-feeds subscriptions earlier ... that's why the name of this site: "Do as I say, not as I do ..." (I'm not going to delete it to live in the shadows of shame as ways of auto-punishment; now where is my "dumb" cone-hat?).

Anyway ...

The XNA Team has informed in its latest blog's post three relevant things:

  1. XNA Creators Club Online community site is open for business,
  2. Dream-Build-Play's "main" competition has gone live, and
  3. New partnerships and exclusive benefits for XNA Creators Club Premium members.

The community site is a great place to start with XNA since it offers a growing set of educational tutos, starter kits, samples and so on.

D.B.P.'s main competition is the dream came true for any indie developer that was/is willing to make it into the pro leagues: "The Perfect Compo".

Last but not least, the new benefits that "premium" members will enjoy are great: SOFTIMAGE/XSI Mod Tool, TorqueX Engine, Allegorithmic ProFX, among others.

So, go ahead and read this post, for the complete information.

Happy coding! ;)

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