Wednesday, February 21, 2007


On previous posts I commented that GLH had published some handy source code and tips for data-driven games, in particular, RPG ones.

Well, GLH is back with an awesome demo video of a starting RPG project:

From GLH's site: "When I started writing about game programming here last month, I really did want to practice a little altruism and share some stuff with the community. I'm afraid the vanity levels on this project however, make it wholly unsuitable to share as good practice. The sheer self indulgence in the code should warn people away. I really can't in good conscience recommend anyone learn anything from this... the scripting language is an own rolled, interpreted, prefix notated, reflection driven nightmare for pete's sake!

I would like to share though. So if anyone is interested in watching, I'll post the goings on in my RPG land."

So, what do you think? Should we be interested?

C'mon! Pay a visit to this site and let GLH know that you are interested ... I did ... ;)

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