Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've finally downloaded and properly installed XNA GS 2.0. Yeah!

Having done that, I've decided to redesign my XNA-based engine from scratch, and in turn, my "never-ending" entry for the first DBP contest.

Meaning? Things are going to change a lot around here.

Thus, from this year-end and on I'll be posting comments regarding the development of my engine and games, showing pictures and so on (of course, eventually, I'll be also commenting on news -published by other sources- as well as doing some off-topic posts ... not on a regular basis but as exceptions).

My goal: to finish an entry for the main DBP compo.

Therefore, for news regarding XNA, pay a visit -as usual- to Ziggyware (you know it: an excellent site to get news, articles, tutorials, code snippets, watch videos and such).

Well, guys, I'll be blogging again soon.


[Now, if only I could find my old code ... ;) ]

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