Monday, March 12, 2007


Since XNA GSE started we have enjoyed for months of every "Weekly Update" reported by XNATutorial.Com.

Today, Joran has announced that due to an increase in his workload, he has no time left to spend in order to bring more weekly updates to the XNA Community.

It's sad to hear this news. However, at the same time, after reading his post, it's completely understandable.

But not everything is bad news: "... On the upside, this means I should be able to get back to making tutorials. Although, with the increased workload, I doubt there will be one per week, like during last year ...".

So let's thank Joran for all the efforts he made in order to bring  this invaluable resource week by week and wish him luck in his new "split" of activities.


  1. I'm not worried that people will not be able to keep up with what's going on in the XNA community.

    They've got you.

    You're doing a mighty fine job of it all. Thank you!

    Cheers! (c:

  2. Wow! You can't imagine how good it feels to hear that ... specially from the person that brought not the but THE news-update report to the XNA Community.

    Cheers mate and keep in touch!


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