Friday, March 02, 2007


... so what about you?

The ZMan is calling for "burning issues" related to DirectX and XNA.

The reason: he'll be attending the upcoming MVP Summit so he's kindly offering, for those of us that cannot be present, his help to make sure that your questions reach the DirectX and XNA teams. Of course, the abovementioned help is subject to availability of time.

From ZMan's post: "When I return from GDC I have the pleasure of attending the MVP Summit. This is a chance for all the MVPs (and a few special guests) from around the world to meet up (some of us only know each other via email) and get some face time with the product groups. Most of the internal discussions will be under NDA so don't expect any big announcements. However I do get a chance to have Q&A with the DirectX and XNA teams. So if you have any burning issues then send me an email and if I have time I may be able to bring it up. I think I know all the MVPs who will be up here, but if you are coming and want to have a beer then also drop me a line and we can arrange to meet up.".

As I say, I did my homework and sent 11 "burning" questions ... at least, for my concern.

Well, Zman, thanks a lot and enjoy those beers!


  1. Mind sharing your questions? I'm curious to know what your top issues are.


  2. Not at all. I also have Andy's replies (ZMan) for some of them.

    I'll just wait for the ones that he went "Check" to summarize them in a proper presentation and post them here. It's getting too late.

    But, ok, you have an email.

  3. Thanks a bunch. Most of the questions you asked were over my head for now since I am just a beginner, but the ones that weren't over my head were pretty good points. I would have added one though, built in font rendering. For me, this is something that I would really like to see and that I currently find lacking. I know there have been work arounds (see: Nuclex.Fonts, and BitmapFonts), but it would be great to have this built in for us (and not have to make any assets). Is font rendering a moot point now?

  4. Indeed.

    Didn't ask it because I read somewhere in MS forums that the XNA Team was onto it (maybe I'm wrong).

    Back to zzz zzz zzz


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