Tuesday, February 13, 2007


As we wait for news and updates related to the Dream.Build.Play contest, there are a couple of sites worth checking (imho).

On one corner we have Visual3D.NET. A public CTP had been announced, but last time I visited the forums, someone asked, but no news were added.

On the other corner we have XNA MAGIC. Two things: i) the "Naming Competition" is over, so the new name for this framework (and the winner of the Pro license) may be announced soon, and ii) information about the beta 1 can be found on the "Beta One Development Roadmap" page.

Both look very promising but none has revealed the price for commercial licenses, thought ... :(


  1. I know nothing about Visual3D.net, but I can tell you XNA Magic is very, VERY impressive.

    I count myself very lucky to be in the Alpha test team for it. =)

    What I've seen so far is very cool indeed.

  2. Yeah, XNA Magic's demo videos are pretty cool ...

    V3D.Net's site lacks self-advertising, I mean, a hugh amount of screenshots plus demo videos showing off its features ...


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