Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Wow, man, Benjamin Nitschke's on fire!

He's recently published a very long but yet helpful post about "Skeletal Bone Animation and Skinning with Collada Models in XNA". I wonder what happened with that "... The blog posts will not be as long as before ..." ;)

Is that it? Heck no!

Benny has recently announced that he will be attending this year GDC (March 5-9, San Francisco) and will be joining XNA's "Dream Team" so as to face the following superhuman XNA challenge: build a game at the conference!

Benny's idea: a Zelda-like multiplayer RPG. In 3-4 days? Yeap. I have only one question: are you out of your mind?!!! ... :)

Go Benny go!

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