Thursday, September 07, 2006


Wow! This is my first post on my own blog ... I'm really excited !!!

For those of you who happen to find this blog, let me tell you what I will be talking about ... Mainly, game development and programming with C#, from the viewpoint of an "newbie-indie" (please repeat).

I consider my-self a "rookie" in what game development and programming relates, even though I have an advanced knowledge in general programming. But, let's face it! One thing is programming an "app" -no matter how difficult the task, and other very different is entering the game-programming world.

If you want to become a "pro", the first thing that you have to notice is that everything that you have learned in your life as an application programmer/designer/architect/etc., is just the lower base and no more than the lower base of knowledge that may help you start dealing with the new challenges ahead in the game industry.

Unfortunately, this is something that you learn by "trying an error" since on one hand you find that every game-engine developer says "Use our SDK, game development was never easier before!" and on the other hand, no one warns you about the risks of following a light that shines so hard that if you don't take it slowly you could end up trapped in a dead-end alley.

Don't you feel that every book, forum, or blog about games development/programming out there assumes that you already have a certain amount of experience in whatever topic they cover? And at the same time they don't say where to find information for newbies? Take shaders for instance, now we are approaching to the 4th model. But, what is a shader? Where can one find info from the grounds up? Or take techniques on lighting/shadowing: are light-maps and shadow-maps the same?

Don't panic! There are a lot of places that offer very good examples and articles on how to get started -which sometimes are very difficult to find even by doing a [place here the name of the first search engine that you think now] search.

So, where to start? I will be soon providing information regarding every topic related to game development -links to pages, articles, other blogs and why not? my own comments- so that you can get on the right track, right away!

Enough for my fist post and remember, do as I say but not as I do ...

Watch this space!


  1. The truth is,
    I'm surfing the blogs to drum up a few more readers for my blog.

    if you have second and want some entertainment give it a try.


  2. Ok, thanks for give my blog a try. I'll read yours ...


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